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Female-Only RISE II Program

Female-Only RISE II Program

Rehab Intervention Service Enrichment (RISE) II Program

The Rehab Intervention Service Enrichment (RISE) II program is an extension of the RISE program, focusing on applying the skills and knowledge gained through the treatment process by transitioning to the more independent setting of a group home. The program serves adolescent females ages sixteen (16) to twenty (20) that have completed the RISE program or other intensive treatment program but continue to benefit from a highly structured and therapy-rich environment. Individuals admitted to the RISE II program do not currently meet admission criteria for acute services.

The goal of the program is maintenance of stabilization achieved through treatment and application of skills to manage social, behavioral, and emotional impairments in a more independent setting. The RISE II program places a high emphasis on the development and use of basic living skills, including cooking, cleaning, budgeting, completion of activities of daily living, and other skills to prepare recipients for increased independence in future settings.

The RISE II program maintains adequate staffing with rotating, awake staff available seven (7) days a week, twenty four (24) hours a day. The staffing ratio for the RISE II level of care is one (1) MHT to every three (3) patients twenty four (24) hours a day. Nursing services consultation is available to recipients by phone twenty four (24) hours a day. Therapists are credentialed at the Master’s level and service a caseload of 8 patients.

Treatment includes a structured milieu, Behavioral Management Planning, and all other programmatic features of the residential programs. As a group home setting, recipients are also encouraged to develop basic living skills through participation in daily meal prep, maintenance of personal laundry, budgeting, assisting with housekeeping tasks in the home, and other tasks to develop or refine skills to support future independence. There are frequent opportunities for community integration through outings. Patients in the RISE II program receive a minimum of two sessions of therapy a week and two psychiatrist visits monthly

The RISE II program is facilitated in compliance with the Alabama Department of Human Resources Minimum Standards for Residential Child Care Facilities. This includes training on psychotropic medications and the mental health and behavioral diagnoses served within the programs. Additionally, the program is licensed by the Alabama Department Human Resources and certified by The Joint Commission/CMS.

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